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Aka Jack, Jack the Lad, Jack o' the Tales, Jack of All Trades, Jack of Hearts, Ace of Hearts, the Ace, or Valentine.


Valentine is a bit player. Really.


From his personality profile:

Bold and bright, if just a very wee bit shifty. Jack is the charming, jaunty, irresistible rogue. Too charming, perhaps, for anyone’s good.


And it's true. He mostly hangs out at the Ten Bells pub with the rest of his gang, the Royals. He's a stalwart friend to the girls who work there and his gang provides a hefty chunk of their employment. He has a sort of brotherly protective streak for Lily Clarke and is a close associate of Liz. Has a past with Jenny Diver, but certainly not since she sold him out to the Confessor, the two-bit pinch-prick. He was also involved in an affair with both Margaret Garnier and Marnie Essenbraun for various reasons of his own, but as both women have recently returned from abroad we're not sure how that's going to go.


He's pretty hostile to the Metropolitan Police in general and Aubrey Davison in particular. He knows the Gents but is a bit wary of them especially after what happened with Mum at the British Museum. He sees himself in Tuppance however.

He's also recently met Ghost and immediately thought about how he could put her to use. He realized that Olivia Harte has a massive crush on his skinny arse but has no idea what to do about it, finding her adorable and irritating in equal amounts.


Jack’s been around. He’s been around a while. He used to be a petty geezer….but now he does all-right. People – at least the right people – take him seriously now. Everyone goes to Jack, sooner or later. Everyone needs the things he knows, gets, does… Everyone knows Jack. Many, many like him. You’d like him! …but no-one trusts him, not for one minute.


Best threads:

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Playing the Odds -Valentine runs afoul of the Confessor

Return to the Mermaid - Valentine and Liz have a horrifying encounter with...horror. Followed by Smudgy Stars

Just...show up - Doing business with Mags

Extortion - Dirty Deeds under cover of darkness (involving the Albion)

Not a Friendly Visit - Jack and Jenny have a nice sit-down chat. With knives.

In for a Drink - Confronting the filth

The Proposal - Valentine and Margaret talk...business

The Essenbraun Salon - A session of the Salon, Jack and Marnie make a deal

A Little Something for Everyone - The robbery of the British Museum

The Ship - The final Horror on the Mermaid

Just a Little Visit - Marnie comes to see Valentine.

Best Wishes - Valentine gets a package. And Dies.

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