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Most of these settings were made up by one member of another of the Cabal of Awesome, some were brought in to eventually find some sort of home with t'Vic players and their friends.


The Baroque

The Victorious world in the 1680's. The Monarchy has been restored in Britain and ushered in an era of art, reason, learning, and debauchery. The characters in this game span anything from scientists to actors to highwaymen. The Royal Society, Supernatural, Alchemy, all manner of Restoration drama!


The Fractured

The Victorious world in the 2080's. Characters can be citizens, criminals, even warriors who protect London from foreign power. Steam and cyberpunk in equally lethal doses. Dystopia, infighting, a dingy and broken London where even the fittest can barely survive.


Steampulp (working title)

Adventure in the skies! Set in a pre-WWI Britain, this mini-setting is set within the Victorious world and concerns fantastic adventures and feats of daring in the skies and everywhere else. Characters can include aviators, engineers, spies or even celebrities in the new medias. Sky pirates, the Royal Air Force, the Agency, and sinister forces all vying for technology and talent...



A dark, gritty setting full of neon-lit mystery, Cabaret is set in a Lovecraftian 1820's Weimar Berlin and concerns the grey area where humanity ends and...everything else takes over. Room for performers, criminals, or those who know too much. Lush, sensual, and fatal, the corners of Cabaret are full of shadows and the things that hide in them.



Imagine a world where, just as in Biblical texts, Heaven and Hell are locked into an eternal battle for the souls of humanity and for the world itself. But what you were taught in Sunday school may be more propaganda than truth, and neither side can really claim the high road. Players can be demon, human, angel (fallen or not). Humans, of course, are caught in the middle and find that even Angels and Demons sometimes don't know what's going on any better than they do.


Orchids in the Shadows



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