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The Royals

(Formerly the Card Gang)


Operating from out of the Ten Bells Pub, the Royals are a gang of thieves, cutthroats and opportunists, a criminal ring of lax organization but tight connections. They do for each other (despite some internal rivalries) and an attack on one member or betrayal of one member is seen as an affront to the whole gang. The Royals are arranged in a shifting hierarchy, with titles drawn from cards to describe what rank each member holds (Ace, King, Queen, Knave, and downwards) and suits according to personality. Really, the balances of power shift constantly within the group, and unless one is a member of the Court, it's rather pointless to try and divine whether one is a Seven or a Two as the week goes on. Jobs filter into the Royals from a network of informants and employers, and are parceled out as seen fit. On the whole, however, the Gang is more a loose confederation of criminals than an organized operation, and the Bells is their common home, a territory where few would dare trespass were they unwelcome.



Valentine (the Ace of Hearts)

Turncoat Dawes (Deceased)

Nestor 'Sermon' Bains

Jimmy Sideways




Lily Clarke

Redjack Ryan

Jenny Diver (Former member, traitor)

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