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Sanctuary of Lost Lambs of the Lord Workhouse


In several ways typical, the workhouse officially named Sanctuary of Lost Lambs of the Lord tends to inspire shock and shudders in those unused to East End conditions. Even for those who are, coming into awareness of this place it can be a disturbing event. Of course the place has a good front, and it’s philanthropic society patrons and the Alderman responsible for approving it’s papers every year are well satisfied that it serves a useful purpose – taking in beggar children, whore’s bastards, and the cast-offs of society and teaching them their Bible and the value of good, honest work – in other words the place does the the Lord’s work to ensure another generation of productive, honest labourers. It also keeps them comfortably out of sight.


Generally known as Lambs of the Lord (or simply "the Lamb-shed" due to the packed quarters it's inhabitants are kept in), this hulking, rickety warehouse serves as orphanage, workhouse, and free labour camp all rolled into one. Everyone here is provided with a bed (sometimes), a bible service on Sundays (sporadically), a practical education (in the duties required) and meals (which can only very generously be called food). And the only thing the charitable organisation that runs that place (a local steam-tech and textiles factory) asks is a little labour in return (an eighteen hour day, on average). It looks after it’s poor lost Lambs indeed, and the building has its share of foremen and guards making sure they don’t stray from the flock.


It should be noted that, in order to concentrate the most malleable souls possible (and to keep the nimblest fingers and smallest bellies), Lambs of the Lord does not accept tenants above the age of fourteen.



The Lamb-shed is maintained and directed by Colonel Brand, who received his directorship as the last favour gathered during his many years in Military campaign. In the last few months, The Fortescue household has also come into play with the introduction of Lady Wrackton as one of the Workhouse's main benefactors. She has built an infirmary on the premises and supplied most of the nursing staff. Her own motives, if there are any, are unknown.


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