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Kitty Clake

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 5 months ago

Character Sheet


Name/Title: Kitty Clark

Occupation: Mudlark (one who combs the banks of the Thames at low tide for salvage and lost treasures)

First Impression: A small, wiry girl with very dirty hands and feet.

Sex/Gender: Female

Age: 12

Appearance: Kitty has tangled, wavy brown hair, sharp brown eyes, and a thin, watchful face. She is generally seen in a faded green print dress with a shawl crossed over her chest and tied behind her back. She doesn't own shoes, and the soles of her feet are as tough as leather and quite black.

What they Carry: A string bag for her findings - and whatever else she has picked up today.

Relationships: Kitty lives with her father in a divided room which they share with a Jewish family of four. Her mother died six months ago of an infection which spread from a cut in her foot, sustained while mudlarking with Kitty.

Personality: Quiet and observant, grimly determined, still deeply shaken by grief.

Strengths: Sharp eyes, nimble fingers, an excellent idea of the street value of anything she may find.

Shortcomings: A rather joyless child.

History: The above has pretty much been her life since she was old enough to walk and pick things up. Born and raised in the East End of London.

Motivations/Goals: To get together enough money to help Dad rent a whole room just for them. To stay alive.

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