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Grace Turpin

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Character Sheet


Name/Title: Grace Turpin

Occupation: House Servant

Sex/Age/Nationality: Female/25/British

Appearance: She has pretty brown hair, usually pulled back into a tightly wound braid. Her face is attractive enough, and she prides herself on her strong hands and firm hips.

Personality/Archetype: Grace is a sensible woman who�s trying her best. She tries to trust God and live rightly. She has very little patience for silliness and weak behaviour but tolerates it well in the upper classes (she figures they can�t help it much, the poor dears). She keeps herself to herself and does her best not to put her nose where it�s not belonging. Sometimes she does get curious, especially when it comes to other people�s children�this is likely only because she�s lost her own. She�s a hard worker when on the job but when off, gin is far more of a comfort to her than perhaps it should be.

+/-: Tenacious, hardworking, patient, loving, capable.

Deeply traumatised, alcoholic, fragile, repressive.

Short History: She�s been a house servant as long as she can remember, like her mother before her. She had a child once, a lovely baby boy. She doesn�t remember the father, a handsome man who told her she had a lovely face and gave her little gifts. But her baby! She loved him, and even though it cost her her position she kept him, taking in sewing to feed him, giving him little daubs of Godfrey�s Cordial to keep him quiet. He was her world and her everything, and she tried her best to care for him, even though life was hard and she tried to ignore how thin he was, the cough, the rashes that made him cry in the night.

And then�then one night, he toddled into the road after she�d collapsed from exhaustion by the fire. A carriage careened around the corner� She hardly remembers that night, blurred by opium and gin. But there was a pair waiting for her when she dragged herself into the road. Grace had heard the stories. They looked down at the crumpled baby, that beloved boy, and handed Gracie a purse. Gracie remembers screaming, throwing the money at the White Lady�s feet, but in the end her boy was lost to her and went into the night.


Since then, Gracie has been drowning her memory in gin and hard work, and does enjoy a better life due to the huge sum left her. She eats well and is growing healthy, and has a new position as a maid to several wealthy households.

Motivations/Goals: Part of her desperately wants to find that Faerie woman who took her baby boy away. There is no desire to steal him back, as the knowledge that he�s been given a better life is all that keeps her going. She only wants to see him... but another, more pragmatic part of her says it's best just to trust God and not think about him, and it is this that has kept her from action. She would like to find a permanent position with a good family and perhaps someday become a Nursemaid, look after little ones�



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