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Cabal of Awesome

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The Cabal of Awesome is an unofficial group of AIM/Jabber roleplayers with no life who like to stay up all night and play out t'Vic scenes, as well as complicated settings that exist only in their minds. They are also the brilliant geniuses behind The Baroque and The Fractured.


The membership is very fluid, always changing, usually growing. Fantastic characters, high-quality writing, well thought out character development and high maturity are all essential. Drama-whoring is strictly verboten. It tends to be a "once you’re in, you’re in" kind of situation, and newbies are welcome. As long as one lives up to the snarky elitist snob standards maintained, of course.


List of Members:

You know who you are.



  1. Must be Awesome.
  2. Must be smart, sharp, and snarky.
  3. Must be able to create tons of characters for a bagillion different settings at a moment’s notice; or at least play pre-created characters who need love. Swapping, switching mid-scene, and playing multiple folk at a time also a plus.
  4. Must not be a Puritan.
  5. Must have at least some basic, sound understanding of Western history (many settings are in the past).
  6. Must not change tenses in a post.
  7. Must love Robert Hooke and Nikola Tesla.
  8. Must enjoy fun ie. obsessive roleplay.
  9. Must have no life.
  10. Must not require sleep.


The Buttons:

Please display on your lj, or whatever.


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