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The Bournevilles


The Mansion

Floor Plan

The Bourneville Mansion is the hubbub of High Society life in London. A palatial estate with sprawling, immaculately tended grounds and stunning gardens, the interior of the house is just as impressive as the outside - and shows the wealthy quite well just what real wealth is.


The Bournevilles

Arguably one of the most influential families in London, the Bournevills are known as the absolute standard when it comes to entertaining. They hold several lavish balls and other social events throughout the year, and it's well known that anyone who is anyone will be in attendance. Their invitations are deeply coveted, particularly for the balls. They also host other things..garden parties, picnics, and charity fund-raisers.

Officially, the Bournevilles have no enemies. They have many, many social allies, as anyone who wishes to be anyone will act as a friend to them. However, it was known for some time that certain Industry leaders had failed to receive invites to certain events…and were none to happy about it.


Lady Bourneville

Areas of Influence: High Class City society

Description: A rather imposing Lady in her early forties, the Lady Bourneville is despite her rather sedate appearance in fact a social dynamo.

Reputation: Her word taken almost as sacrosanct among the best circles of London society. Her choices in apparel are considered canon in the fashion bible. Not law, perhaps, but certainly no one would dream of arguing with her. She could likely ruin a politician’s career with a few choice words and lack of invitation, or take a cheap tart and make her into a belle if she chose to. But she is (mostly) content to be at the centre of London social life, the woman to look to when it comes to entertaining...and secretly the highest example of successful social influence.

Affiliation: All the Best People.


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